The Din of Inequity

The Din of Inequity

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Monday, March 08, 2004


So Girlygirl just linked me to this "blog." You really have to see it to believe it.

I'll assume you've just visited said "blog" and gotten the general sense of it*. If the children are in fact our future, then I guess it's OK that we're all driving giant SUVs, overfishing the continental shelves and generally working on the destruction of the human race--the kids are going to wipe us all out in some Tower-of-Babel-oriented disaster 40 years down the line anyway.

Actually, there are few things I hate online more than LOL**. Think about it, especially as used by the author of the aforelinked blog, "Hiya." Isn't it supposed to be a transcription of what's going on? It this person literally laughing out loud every fifth word? Her parents must think she's become a mad scientist, cackling away in her room like that. How come nobody ever casually drops in PMN (picking my nose) or ASAZ (absently squeezing a zit) into their teenage IM conversations?

Girlygirl points out that apparently "lol" is the new period, or maybe comma. Personally, I think it's more like the new "like" or "ya know" or even, "umm." Or worse still, if it's not meant to be a transcription of your laughter, maybe it's lost all meaning entirely. Maybe at this point, LOL just has a meaning all its own--it's no longer an acronym, it's a word. I don't have a real clear idea what it's supposed to mean, of course--"end transmission" or "over" like some kind of walkie-talkie thing comes to mind. It's strange in a blog, but perhaps it makes a bit more sense in instant messages.

Even if it does still mean laughing out loud somewhere in the wired world, it's still obnoxious to me. I guess if you can't be fucked to find a clever way to say you thought something was funny, or to make it clear that you're joking, then LOL is one way to go. But when you decide to use LOLOLOLOLOL as the intensive version of LOL, you're going too far. Suddenly you've gone from laziness or lack of creativity into betraying the possibility that you didn't know what the hell LOL stood for in the first place. It's like following a P.S. with P.S.S., or writing (or saying) "and et cetera"--you plainly haven't the faintest notion what you're writing, and should probably be avoiding these turns of phrase in the first place.

* There are a number of endearing things in "Hiya," just to be fair. First, the fact that in five days, the author went from " i love him so0 much and this is liek a nitemare" over being kept apart from Derrek (who had just a few days before that been the subject of two entire days of "I LOVE DERREK" repeated over and over) to " i love derrek which i do just more lika bro now." Five days from being lost without him to loving him--but only like a brother. I remember those five day periods in my own teen years. Man, it takes me back. I was also moved by her account of the real meat of the romance with Derrek (at least I assume this is the real meat of it). As always, it's a little hard to follow, but the general gist of it was as follows:
"Derrek holding me was the best!!!"
"i loved it loved him holding me it was such a... god i cant explain it it was beyond wonderful beyond perfect beyond beautiful it was perfect complete flawless whole full excellent (I've snipped a huge list of adjectives that indicate a brain behind the facade) swell, terrific and uh you get the point ? and even that doesnt begin to explain how it felt ! it was the best birthday lol omg and the kiss !!!!!!!! lol cant forget that it was so kewliozerz and all that bout him holding me lol"
All that over a hug and a kiss (I think). Sometimes I wish people could stay that way--stay at a point where they can get so much out of so little--but I guess it's really just for the young. Sigh.

** Emoticons come immediately to mind as another bane of my existence, but that's probably beneath even me to go into.


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