The Din of Inequity

The Din of Inequity

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Friday, April 02, 2004

Apologies to my ones of reader

Sorry that I've had difficulty keeping up here. Things are crazy at work, etc. I suspect that I might actually have to start updating this on my personal-after-work-time, rather than my personal-lunchtime-spilling-over-into-work-time-time.

I guess it's actually been a bit of luck for me, since I haven't been able to come up with anything anyway--it's just as well that I don't have time for more than a few sentences.

I'll promote a couple of funny things I saw today, though:

Izzle Pfaff: Skot writes brilliantly and hilariously about a childhood friend--I swear I knew the same guy, but perhaps without the proclivity for nudity.

Mimi Smartypants: The last paragraph, and the last sentence in particular. Girlygirl and I have such a propensity for absurd catchphrases that I was actually jealous that we don't have a kid. For about half a second, anyway.

Finally, just a quick comment on one of the more popular blog hosting services. I've been reading Evany's blog for ages now, and Mimi Smartypants for almost as long. For many months, I read their URLs as being based in Dairyland. I didn't see why you'd call a blog hosting place Dairyland, but I thought it was kind of cute--named for the play area outside a Dairy Queen restaurant perhaps. I was actually pretty let down when I took about 1/2 second to actually read the URL. After having Evany and Mimi running around in a land where all the locals were named for ice cream confections or hot dogs*, it was quite a letdown to discover that they were, in fact, writing from the annoyingly literal Diaryland.

* This brings to mind something one of my cow-orkers told me recently. He'd been watching some TV program, and for whatever reason, they showed an editorial meeting for The Onion. In this meeting, they were discussing a possible parody of McDonaldland--where everyone's named for a McDonalds treat. Except Grimace, of course. And what's up with that--it seems to me that a grimace is the last thing you want to promote a milkshake. If you're gonna go that route, why not call him Gag Reflex or Brain Freeze? Anyway, the others you know--Big Mac, the cop (because Big Mac is somehow Irish, like a cop?), Mayor McCheese (the big cheese, natch), and Hamburglar (gotta have some work for the cop, I guess, and a way for the mayor to be tough on crime).

The Onion folks had mostly peopled their parody world, based on fruit, and were arguing over whether or not their criminal element was too far over the top. His name? "Grapist." I about died.

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