The Din of Inequity

The Din of Inequity

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Triumphant Return of Achilles!

My heel hurts. It fucking kills. For those who are still around from The Before-time,* I have not yet solved my apparent Achilles tendon problem. In fact, it's not even all that apparent anymore that it's my Achilles tendon.**

Anyway, I spent three weeks going to physical therapy for this supposed insertional tendinitis, and nothing happened. Well, not exactly. There was one day when they made me do "an exercise too far" and it actually got worse. But in any case, after enduring that electro-shock thing, pounds of ice, hours of stupid exercises that don't seem to do anything except give them a way to check off the "thera. exer." box on the bill and make people feel like they (or their insurance companies anyway) are getting their money's worth,**** nothing was fixed. I still couldn't walk the five minutes for work comfortably, I still do the Kokopelli boogie getting to the bathroom in the night, and I'm still miserable about it.

So I went back to the doctor yesterday to draw a line in the sand. We need to fix this, and PT ain't getting it. He suggested that I try a steriod shot into the affected area. DO NOT LET YOUR DOCTOR DO THIS TO YOU. It hurts like fuck. Then, after a few hours, it continues to hurt like fuck. Then, the next day, it hurts like--you guessed it. OK, so maybe it will help--this treatment has helped other people, most notably Girlygirl, though her problem was a wristy-thing brought on by kitchen remodeling--but I can safely say that the actual injection was the most painful thing I've ever felt, and I've had kidney stones. In many ways, the kidney stones were worse, but for absolute, soul-piercing, immediate and focused pain, nothing tops this. I don't even think the couple of times I've been poked in a dental nerve was as bad. It's hard to say, of course, that's the nature of pain, but I'm going with the long syringe into the heel for tops.

Anyway my foot still hurts, though now it just hurts like my heel is swollen from being pumped full of cortisone, which it was. If it feels all better, like totally sorted out, by the end of the week, we're done. If it feels better, like better than before the shot but not totally well, later this week, he'll want to do another shot. If it doesn't fix anything, I'm gonna be pissed, because I've really gone through a lot these last two days with this goddamn shot. Also, that'll be our cue to start examining surgical options. Joy.

I guess this wasn't really much of a posting--no real observations, no trenchant wit, just whining--but hey, at least it was longer than two lines for a change.

PS--The Tour de France rocks. You must watch. OLN--find it on your cable or satellite system and you can't miss it. I don't think they're showing anything else this month.

*Back when I used to post stuff here from time to time.

**Do you have to capitalize Achilles if you're just talking about the tendon? I'm going to go with "not" from here on--it's not like I'm talking about a particular tendon named Achilles, or even Achilles' tendon, a construction that calls for a whole other*** set of questions.

***Not, as it is so often stated, "a whole nother" set. The way I see it, you've either inserted "whole" into the midst of "another" which is plainly fucked up, or you've really got "a whole 'nother," which is all wrong too, because "'nother" is just a colloquial abbreviation for "another," so you don't need the "a" before "whole." As opposed to "a-" before "hole" which is totally necessary. Natch.

****You have to see these things to believe them. They most closely resembled the old-fashioned exercises Monty Burns favors on the Simpsons. My favorite was definitely one that I didn't have to do--god only knows what it was supposed to help--where this woman was to stand and work one leg like she was pushing a skateboard, or trying to wear out the sole of her shoe, or perhaps trying to count to 100 "like Trigger would." It was the stupidest looking thing. People all over the office were smirking at it--I can imagine the fun the staff must have making this shit up. Then one of them actually went over and corrected her form. Like there's more than one way to do it. Har.

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