The Din of Inequity

The Din of Inequity

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Headline of the Century

From Yahoo! news:

'Cornhole' Catching On Beyond Midwest

If you go to the Midwest and ask, I think you'll find that the locals believe cornholing to be much more popular in other, more homosexual-friendly locales.

At least that's what people thought of cornholing when I lived there.

OK, the story is about a beanbag-based horseshoe game (bags of dry corn, tossed at a board with a hole in it--hence the name) that's caught on with college students. I've even played it at a heavily college-age-attendance wedding this summer, though I didn't hear it called "cornhole." But is this news?

I swear, the goddamnedest things get reported when you have 24 hours, seven days of dead air to fill.

Predictably, this headline lasted all of 30 minutes before disappearing off the Yahoo! homepage. Somebody must have explained the original connotation of 'cornhole' to A: the writer and/or B: the editor who put it up.

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