The Din of Inequity

The Din of Inequity

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Harry Connick Says...

That New Orleans will rebuild. Because, you know, they put musicians/supposed actors in charge of those decisions.

I'm not saying they won't, or that they shouldn't, but Harry Connick? Like, right, his opinion on this is the one I'm going with.

It's an interesting question, I think. It's definitely a historic city, a major tourist destination, and home (ancestral or othewise) to a hell of a lot of people, and so you can make a real good argument for rebuilding. Some people would look at it and be stunned that there's even a question about it--just write off an entire city? Doesn't make sense.

But hey--it's not like we've been faced with the wholesale destruction of an entire American city before. We literally don't know what to do--it's the first time it's happened.

You've got to admit, though, it's a stupid place for a city*, and getting stupider** all the time, since it's plain that hurricane season is getting longer and more intense every year. You can believe what you want about why, but it's happening. Only an idiot would imagine this couldn't happen again. Hell, I think it could happen again within the next five years. I think living in Florida is pretty stupid (for lots of reasons), and while the entire state will probably have been rebuilt at least once in the next 10 years, I can't say I'd write it off.

I'm pretty conflicted about the whole thing--and I guess it doesn't matter right now, since there are a lot more pressing issues facing folks down there. I sent my money to the Red Cross--did you?

*I read a quote from some guy (weather guy? climate guy? authority on stupid places to live? Somebody who'd know about such things, anyway) who said that New Orleans is essentially a part of the Gulf of Mexico right now.

**Because this is a disaster, and disasters make people really keen to point out how insensitive other people are (it seems to me that actually helping, and accusing others of being insensitive to the victims, are typically inversely proportional), I should point out myself that I don't for a minute think people had to be stupid to get stuck in New Orleans during this. A lot of otherwise-sensible folks opted to stay, which was stupid, but a lot more people just didn't have the resources or the ability to get out. Those people (and really even the dipshits who stayed voluntarily) need help, and didn't deserve what they got (or frankly, are getting).

The looters, on the other hand, can go fuck themselves. Yeah, I know--how will you tell who's a looter when you're handing out aid? Probably you can't, and you should just give it to everyone and hope their assholishness comes back to haunt them some other way. And I also don't really mind the people who looted food and water and such, if they were at least a little fair about how much they took, and that they share later (a huge if)--that stuff is going to be in really short supply soon. Probably is already, and better it should be "liberated" than left to get soaked or otherwise ruined. The fuckers who are stealing consumer durables should drown, especially since I bet 99% of what got looted will neither be useable nor salable. It's all just going to get thrown away when these people realize that they're in serious trouble, and 20 pairs of jeans or a couple of DVD players isn't going to get them, or anyone else, out of it.

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