The Din of Inequity

The Din of Inequity

...yes, I spelled it that way on purpose.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ripped from Today's Headlines

From Yahoo!:

Study Finds Racial Imbalance on Death Row


I can only assume that the reason we have so many studies that say this, and no solution in sight, is that most people don't care.

Think about it: If black people are more likely to be put on death row, that means there are a decent number of people out there who find it more acceptable to execute black people than white people. Is it any wonder people in this day and age still think it's OK to deny service to black people in restaurants, etc.?

Racists and/or bigots need to be shunned (ass kicking would be good too, but they're legally entitled to their stupid assholish opinions). If you know somebody (black OR white) who makes racist remarks or expresses racist sentiments, you need to call bullshit on them (to their face, every time) and/or stop associating with them. To do any different makes them think, at best, that you don't care, or at worst that you agree with them.

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|| Bikeboy 11:00 AM ||
I really think the imbalance is more socio-economic now than racial, on its face. Of course, many of those in that low socio-economic class are minorities, but the well-to-do can afford lawyers who can at least keep them out of death row.

The public defender system is what needs fixing, I think.
Actually, it's the state's attorney system that does the trick. They have a tendency to refer more minority defendants for death penalty prosecution than white defendants.

Last I heard, it's still inconclusive whether or not juries vote to execute minorities at a higher rate.

It's true that indigents often get sub-standard attorneys, but the real problem is that indigents are being put in a position of having to defend against the death penalty more often than crime stats would indicate is appropriate.
What’s worse is the huge disparity in the ratio of female to male on death row. If a woman kills her whole family she is deemed menially ill and sentenced to an institution for 20 years or so. If a man offs one drug dealing moron in Texas it’s the needle in the arm for him.

Also, I believe the only woman to incur the death penalty in the US was a poor white woman. So if you’re a hot rich white woman you can basically go on a shooting bender and never have the slights thought of death row.
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